- Sharon Bennett

I support and endorse Scott Matas for re-election as Mayor of Desert Hot Springs in November 2020. He has proven himself to be a strong leader and a man of integrity and good judgment. While these qualities are always important in choosing a leader, they are especially vital during this time of economic stress created by a worldwide pandemic.

- Russ Martin
Mission Springs Water District Director

I have personally witnessed this city grow and evolve over the last few years under Scots leadership and it had been remarkable. As a Cannabis startup business in Desert Hot Springs, the city’s support has been essential to our success and I look forward to this movement to continue. Thank you Scott.

- Sebastian Solano
CEO of DreamFields
- Glenn Miller
Mayor, City of Indio

I don’t believe this city could have a better person as mayor than Scott. This man truly cares for his city and we have seen this as he worked tirelessly to bring us into a great financial position. We see the benefits in our roads in the medians and in the increased jobs for citizens. If you care about our city as I do there is no other choice than Scott Matas for Mayor!

- Steve Guerrero

Scott Matas has both the experience to understand the Mayor’s role well and a strong connection with the very fiber that makes up his community. Scott has been hands-on in Desert Hot Springs since he was young, and no one has more knowledge of the civic history or a better grasp on all the complex issues that the city faces.

As an involved and home-grown resident, Scott makes connecting with the citizens of Desert Hot Springs a top priority, and has an understanding of our collective wants and what the less fortunate and underrepresented need. Scott is open and welcomes citizens of all backgrounds, walks of life, and creed into his office and ensures their voices are heard.

However, perhaps most importantly, he has proven himself to make things happen realistically and responsibly. Under Scott’s leadership, we have an increase in development and jobs, an increase in civic diversity groups, development of better-structured youth and senior programs, our community has become safer, and this is all while building reserves and keeping the city’s budget healthy. While many of these areas still need improvement, I would trust the person who has brought tangible results to keep us going down this path.

The choice is clear. Vote Matas for Mayor.

- Michael R. Burke
Owner of BurkeMedia Productions, Past President of Desert Hot Springs Rotary Club
- Dirk Voss
Former Planning Commission Chairman

I believe Scott has the best interests for our City in his heart.
He is our “Home Grown” Mayor, and with the voters help, can continue to lead DHS until he decides his work here is done.
After that? County Supervisor? Assemblyman? Senator Matas?
He’s earned my vote. Always liked Scott…Willing to listen…Then makes his decision, although sometimes I didn’t like it, the decision seemed fair to everyone. Keep that up!

- Russ Augustine

My fellow citizens, you may know me as your former Mayor [2005-2007], a local business owner, or as your substitute teacher Mr. Bias a.k.a. Mr. Sunshine ☼! I encourage you to show your love for this great city and re-elect Mayor Scott Matas to another term in office. So that we can continue to see the growth and prosperity, infrastructure development that has occurred during his administration. Our city is becoming one that we can be proud of. Palm Drive, the entryway to our city, looks great! The long-awaited flood mitigation on Palm Drive and 8th Street is near completion. New businesses are sprouting up across town, a new Library has broken ground, and a new City Hall! Mayor Matas has finished the job of making DHS one of the best cities to live in Coachella Valley. He deserves four more years!
Scott Matas was a junior councilmember during my administration 2005-2007. I was impressed by his honesty, integrity, and genuine love for the city he was born and raised in Desert Hot Springs. At the time, I told him that one day he would be a great Mayor! He has become one of our best! Evidence of that greatness is in his accomplishments and the continuous efforts to elevate the quality of life of the citizens of Desert Hot Springs!
Mayor Alex Bias,
Mr. Bias aka Mr. Sunshine ☼!

- Alex Bias
Former Mayor of Desert Hot Springs
- Karen Kady
- Patricia Iraheta
Care Taker
- Jan Pye
Council woman, City of Desert Hot Springs

I feel Scott Matas had the experience and has the city heading in the right direction.

- Patty Matis

A leader who knows how to lead.

- Reverend Paul Miller

Stable, honest, informed leadership.

- Ronald Gilbert

All the changes that have happen in the last few years to Dessert Hot Springs alone should be his ticket right back in. If that’s not enough on top of his outstanding work as a Mayor, you can find him helping us out on the ball field form umpiring games, coaching and volunteer time he gives should say a lot about his character. Scott is always there for when answers are needed and will help get things done. A true “People’s Mayor”.

- Alfred Morando
Owner/Executive Glass - President/DHS Little League

Scott Matas is a great leader and has done a great job running our community.

- Nallely Diaz

It is with much pleasure and confidence that I support Scott Matas for Mayor of Desert Hot Springs. Over many years of public service, Scott has proven to be a very capable, smart, committed, and hard-working leader in our community. As a lifelong resident of Desert Hot Springs Scott understands the needs of our citizens and is committed to attaining the best for Desert Hot Springs families. Whether it’s connecting neighbors with essential services, standing up for the community on development issues, or organizing a local community event, Scott is there for us. There is no doubt that Scott Matas shares our vision and values for a more prosperous and positive future for Desert Hot Springs.

- John Gerardi
Board President, Palm Springs Unified School District

I support Scott Matas for Mayor of Desert Hot Springs because he is by far the most qualified candidate running. Few people understand the broad range of issues and concerns that effect the citizens of DHS as much as Mayor Matas does. Few people understand the complexity of issues involved with overseeing a City government as much as he does. He understands the implications of the financial decisions the City makes, and he champions fiscal constraint and sensible use of tax revenues. While other city governments suffer financially due to Covid 19, our City Government, though financially challenged, is much better off than other cities in the Coachella Valley because of Scott Matas.

I also support Scott Matas because he has maturity. He is often the “adult in the room”, quick to call for civility and rationality, always pointing out the facts and calling for reasonableness and compromise. He is a thoughtful and compassionate person who listens to, engages with, and advocates for all DHS citizens. He always sets out to do what is best for DHS and its residents. Covid 19 has created challenges for DHS. I don’t trust anyone more than I trust Scott Matas to meet those challenges.

- James Nindel

Scott Matas has our endorsement for Mayor. He has done great things for the City of Desert Hot Springs.

- Lee & Barbara Eastman

Mayor Scott Matas has a true passion for his city and residents. His outlook on growing the city is truly forward-thinking and the cities success is proof. The city of Desert Hot Springs deserves a person like Scott Matas to continue to care for the city and its people. Keep up the great work Scott!

- Kaylena Pinuelas

Mayor Matas embodies all the necessary qualities of a great and effective leader – integrity, perseverance, dedication, and heart. His work over the last five years is a testament to his effectiveness as mayor and the city is lucky to have a man like him.

We brought our business to Desert Hot Springs because of everything Mayor Matas and his administration have done to make it easy, affordable, and exciting to do business in this great city! As long as Mayor Matas is in office, we will be in business in Desert Hot Springs.

- Ben Slome
Lost County, Inc. Director of Operations
- Dana Johnson
Director of Food Now

Scott Matas has devoted himself to Desert Hot Springs, and making our community a great place to live.

I endorse Scott Matas for Desert Hot Springs Mayor.

- Steven Schick

I like our direction. Let’s keep it going!

- John Tinker

Mr. Mayor is always available to help our kids anytime he is asked. Our Mayor has done so much more for the city!

- Tim Ingram
Director Camp of Champions Children's Charity

We have known Scott for about 16 years and he has consistently been a strong leader, patient, calm, the voice of reason in the room. Our city has prospered under his leadership and we need that to continue.

- Jeff & Judy Bowman

I have worked with Scott for over 11 years working with the educational and vocational needs of the community. His leadership has turned the city around, which is evident as you drive through our community. His encouragement actually caused me to move from Temecula to DHS and make it my home, which was the best decision I have ever made. I look forward to seeing what he and the city council have in store as we continue to evolve as “The Little City That Could”.

- Dr. Robin Goins

I endorse Scott Matas as Mayor , His ability to get Desert Hot Springs where we are today is an achievement that goes beyond what any other previous candidates have done , With his leadership skills and commitment to our community he will continue to provide for great things for our City and it’s Residents and children’s recreation.

- Al Gonzales
Assistant District Administrator Desert Hot Springs Little League District 58

He has brought order and civility to council meetings while ensuring the participants have their say. He has kept the council and administration focused on what important in changing circumstances. The city needs him for another four years.

- Audrey & Courtney Moe

Our mayor has done an excellent job of leading us out of our financial crisis into a period of financial security. He has provided strong and steady leadership during the pandemic.

- Larry Buchanan
Planning Commission Chairman

Scott Matas has always been and will always be a caring leader of all residents in Desert Hot Springs. I strongly endorse him to lead our city for the next four years.

- Samuel ZzeniaMessler
Immediate Past President of DiversityDHS; Past President of Rotary Club of Desert Hot Springs
- Roland Gentner